Employment Based Green Card Applications -DIY Kit

Essential for EB-1A, EB-1B, EB2-NIW applications

Looking to obtain a Green Card through EB-1A or EB2-NIW?

You can do it yourself, with a little help from www.eb-greencard.com

We offer the exact application template that I used for my application for EB-1A (approved in June 2016). This template can also be used for EB-2 as well. This will give you a major head start for your application - avoid huge lawyer fees!

This is truly the best value for your money. For only $39.99 for DIY kit- nearly 10x cheaper than other DIY packages, and 100x cheaper than lawyers. Start here today and get started on your application!

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What can you expect?

With a purchase of our DIY kit, you will receive an exact copy* of an EB-1A application that was approved in less than two weeks by USCIS.

Application: The application contains 40 pages, and is organized as follows: 

  • Opening statement
  • Introduction 
  • Detailed evidence of extraordinary abilities
  • Final merits determination
  • Conclusion
  • Exhibits

Reference Letters: Three reference letter templates

With these documents in your hands, you will be able to assemble your own application in no time!


DIY Kit: EB Green Card Application & Reference Letter Templates


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DIY Kit Includes:

  • An exact, 40-page copy* of an EB-1A application that was approved in less than two weeks by USCIS.
  • A pack of 3 Reference Letter templates.

After you pay via PayPal, you will receive a full 40-page PDF application example by email in less than 1 hour. Therefore, please provide a valid email address. Please contact us if you experience any problems with PayPal.

If you prefer to have a look at some sample pages before making the purchase: send us an email via the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will send you the first three pages FOR FREE! This will undoubtedly convince you of the application's value. 

ADDITIONAL EB Green Card products

Application Template

An exact, 40-page copy* of an EB-1A application that was approved in less than two weeks by USCIS.


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Reference Letter Templates

A pack of 3 Reference Letter templates



I-140 Template

A pre-filled sample of the I-140 form. 


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One free application template a week!

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Why should you buy this diy kit?


The original application (seen in the template) was approved in under 2 weeks (June 2016), with a Green Card in hand 3 months later. 

Saves you time

Get time back to focus on the content of your application instead of the formatting.

Cheapest solution

Don't waste thousands of dollars on a lawyer who isn't an expert in your field. 

Essential for all Employment Based Visa Applications


About Us

I came to the USA in 2014 as a Postdoctoral Researcher at one of the highest-ranked universities, after having obtained my PhD in Europe. Two years later, I decided that I wanted to stay in the USA, and I started looking into the EB-1A visa. However, I didn't want to spend money on a lawyer, so I decided to complete the application process on my own. It took me about 1 month to assemble my green card application package, and after applying for premium processing, I was approved by the USCIS in less than two weeks! I have been living and working in the USA ever since.

The only money I spent was on printing, shipping, and USCIS application fees. I saved thousands of dollars compared to some of my peers who used a lawyer, and saved a few months of time as well. I'd like to give other people the opportunity to save money as well, by using my application as a template. I don't intend to make any money from this; the price of the application basically covers my costs for the website and domain name. Best of luck!


  • “This template is so much better than an alternative I found online. My application got approved last week :) Thank you! ” - George P.
  • “Much more efficient than my lawyer!” - Sabine C.
  • “Great price and great content!” - Vijay A. 
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